Update on Colchicine Availability.

URL Pharma was recently purchased by Takeda Pharaceuticals, USA. Takeda has chosen to continue the Patient Assistance Program (PAP) extended to the Chinese Shar-Pei owners for Colcrys® (colchicine). The new application form is on my web site Home Page and should be used from now on.

Applicants must provide a valid Colcrys® prescription from a licensed veterinarian and must attest that Colcrys® will be used only for their Shar-Pei dog. Applicants who qualify for the program will be able to select a 30-day supply (60 tablets), a 60-day supply (120 tablets) or a 90-day supply (180 tablets) of Colcrys®. It is important to note that Colcrys® is not FDA-approved for veterinary use and URL Pharma does not promote the use of Colcrys® in animals. The application is attached to this update in a .pdf format.

Download Form: PDF

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