Mast Cell Cancer Research Study

Kerstin Lindblad-Toh, PhD, Broad Institute at MIT and Harvard and Cheryl London, DVM, PhD, Ohio State University are conducting a study on mapping genes associated with canine mast cell tumors. They will be collecting DNA samples of dogs affected with mast cell tumors and older healthy controls (preferably over 8 years of age) from Shar-Pei. Shar-Pei have about a 5-fold increased risk for mast cell cancer and the study hopes to get samples from 100 affected dogs and 100 unaffected dogs. More information, consent forms, sample submission, etc. can be found at The costs of sample collection and shipping would be the owner’s responsibility and I would thank you in advance for your participation as this is a very significant study.

I can be reached at to answer any questions or concerns anyone may have.

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